Myths You Should Certainly Ignore When Aspiring To Be An Artist

There are so many myths surrounded around the skill of drawing. And some people actually believe them and that in itself pushes them to ignore the skill because they believe they can’t. Here are some myths you should be staying clear of.

I can’t draw  

This is something all us non-artists who are specialists at stick figures, keep saying all the time. It isn’t that untrue from the perspective of such persons. But if you take up drawing classes Hong Kong and make an effort to learn it, you could also be able to do a better job.  When you say you can’t draw it only means that you can’t draw good enough and not that you are totally incapable of it. Have you not drawn as a kid? Certainly impossible. We all had to do it and did do it at some point, but when you realized that a drawing needs to be looking like its real picture and that some kid’s work was praised more than yours, then you conclude the fact that you can’t draw! Your art doesn’t have to like everyone else’s, it is how you look at things and if that is only as stick figures, then it is alright!

If you aren’t born with it, you can’t do it

Many people believe that the skills of drawing are achieved by birth. So technically if you aren’t born with it then you can’t draw well. Maybe you think so because when you are trying to make sense out of the sticks figure you draw, some others are drawing pictures that resemble closely to their actual look. And just like before you conclude that you are bad at it. But what you don’t seem to understand is that a little extra helping hand from the pros could go a long way in making sense of whatever you are drawing and eventually be able to draw them better. So enroll yourself in some certified art workshop for adults and take their tips and advices in to mind and work on your existing skills, so you can do better in time!

Drawing is about impressing

Today we live in an era where impressing and getting others approval is what keeps us going. Being forced to get the approval and acceptance of others, even pushes us to compromise on our creativity as well. Back when you were a kid you drew for fun and it didn’t matter if the grass was blue and the sky was green. But as we grow older we lose sense of what matters the most and that is self-satisfaction. You don’t have to expect society to embrace your styles instead show them what you got and let them know that this is ART! Bottom line, do it for yourself not for others!

In addition to the above people also think if an art is considered to be a good one, then it’s got to resemble its actual look. But that isn’t true. Art is all about being creative, so let your imagination go wild and pen them down exactly how you picture it!

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